About Me

IMH Headshot

Cultivated leader, educator & live performer, who is expert in resolving the viscera of business.

Honest, intelligent, hardworking communicator with deep curiosity and concern for the world around me. I am a patient, attentive listener, with the courage to challenge myself and those with whom I affiliate to make their best long term choices. The connection between supportive leadership and driven fellowship is clear to me, and I know that I only truly see myself in the face of adversity. I am an adaptable, thoughtful problem solver who uses innovative, unorthodox thinking and creativity to play with those whom I am blessed to call my friends and family. My high standards for myself demand integrity and cooperation from those around me. I am cause in the matter of improving the world, and I am humbly committed to the work that entails.

I’m even more determined since the birth of my son to shape this world in ways that combine my love of people, performance, education, and business for our collective betterment.


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